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Once upon a time, on a far away sea, a grand old ship came rolling through the thick mists. This ship belonged to the handsome Prince Eric, who was out sailing with his butler, Grimsby, all his best sailors, and his hairy pet dog, Max.

“It’s good weather for sailing today,” said one of the sailors. “King Triton must be feeling friendly.”
“Who is King Triton?” asked Prince Eric.
“He’s the ruler of the merpeople, who live down at the bottom of the ocean,” said the sailor.
“Nonsense,” said Grimsby. “There are no such thing as mermen and mermaids.”

It’s true that most grown-ups don’t believe in King Triton, and his underwater kingdom. But sailors, handsome princes and children know better…

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Fathoms Below midi file acquired from Ariel's Treasure Trove with many thanks.
To save the midi to your computer, right-click the musical note and select "Save Target As" in the drop-down menu.
Animated Ariel picture courtesy of Le Monde Merveilleux.