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Way, way down at the bottom of the sea, King Triton’s merpeople were very excited. They chattered to each other as they swam towards the palace. There was going to be a special musical concert today, and everyone in the kingdom was invited. They all wanted to see King Triton’s seven daughters sing their songs.

King Triton and Sebastian, a very musical crab, entered to a blast of trumpets. “I can’t wait to see my youngest daughter, Ariel,” said King Triton. “It will be her first concert.”
Sebastian smiled, and swam over to the stage. He raised his baton, and the band began to play.

One by one, the mermaid princesses popped out of huge seashells and began to sing. King Triton smiled at his daughters. When it came to the turn of the youngest princess, Ariel, the seashell opened – but there was nobody inside!
The princesses all stopped singing, and gasped. King Triton was furious. “Ariel!” he thundered.

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Animated Ariel picture courtesy of Le Monde Merveilleux.