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Ariel was far away, swimming inside a sunken ship with her fish friend, Flounder. “Look at that!” she cried, pointing to a fork. “And that!” She picked up a smoking pipe. She had never seen anything like these things before. She put them carefully into her bag. She wanted to take them to Scuttle, the seagull, to find out what they were.

Just then, a shark burst through a window behind Flounder. Flounder screamed, and he and Ariel both swam for their lives as the shark chased them around the ship. “Shark! We’re going to die!” shouted Flounder. But Flounder and Ariel both escaped safely when the shark got stuck in an anchor. Then they swam up to the surface of the water to find Scuttle the seagull.

Scuttle was sitting in his nest on a tiny rocky island. “Look at the human things we found, Scuttle!” said Ariel, showing him the fork and the pipe. Scuttle pretended to know what they were, because he wanted to sound clever. He told Ariel that the fork was called a dinglehopper, and that humans used it to brush their hair. Then he called the pipe a snarfblatt, and said that humans played music on it.

“Oh no!” said Ariel. “Music! That reminds me – I was meant to be at the concert today!” She quickly put the fork and the pipe back inside her bag and said goodbye to Scuttle. Then Ariel and Flounder swam away in a hurry.

Two eels watched Ariel swim away. The eels were the sea witch’s pets, and the sea witch could see Ariel through their eyes, using her magic powers. She watched Ariel from inside her cave, and began to think up some very evil plans.

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Animated Ariel picture courtesy of Le Monde Merveilleux.