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Back at King Triton’s palace, Ariel was in big trouble. Both King Triton and Sebastian were very angry with her. Flounder tried to tell them that it wasn’t Ariel’s fault. “A shark was chasing us,” he said, “and then there was a seagull…”
This made King Triton even angrier. “You’ve been up to the surface!” he shouted. “You might have been seen by a human. Humans are dangerous! You will never go up to the surface again!”

Ariel swam away in tears. King Triton thought he might have been too harsh, so he sent Sebastian to keep an eye on Ariel. Sebastian followed Ariel and Flounder to a cave. This was Ariel's secret cave, and it was filled with human things she had found. Sebastian stared around. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“It’s not fair,” Ariel said to Flounder. “Daddy doesn’t understand. How can a world which makes such amazing things be bad?”
Flounder tried to cheer Ariel up, but she was too gloomy. “I wish I could be human,” she sighed.
Then Sebastian spoke, making Ariel and Flounder jump. “Ariel! If your father knew about this place he would be furious!”

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Part Of Your World midi file acquired from The Disney Music Page with many thanks.
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Animated Ariel picture courtesy of Le Monde Merveilleux.