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When Ariel woke up the next day, she knew it was her last day of being human unless Eric kissed her. She jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see him. But downstairs, Eric was standing with a strange woman on his arm. It was Ursula in disguise, and she had put a spell on Eric to make him love her! But Ariel didn’t know this. When she heard Eric say he was going to marry the woman by sunset, she ran back to her room, crying.

Not long before sunset, Eric’s wedding ship set off. Ariel was left behind. She knew he would never kiss her before sunset now. She had given up all hope when Scuttle came flying towards her. “It’s the sea witch!” he cried. “Eric is marrying the sea witch in disguise!” Ariel jumped into the sea at once, and Flounder helped her swim towards the ship.

The wedding had already started. Scuttle called together all Ariel’s fish and bird friends, and they all attacked the sea witch. Scuttle pecked off the seashell which carried Ariel’s voice, and it fell onto the deck and smashed. Just then, Ariel climbed up the side of the ship. Her voice rose out of the broken shell and went back into Ariel, where it belonged.

The spell was broken, and Eric realised what had been happening. He ran over to Ariel and was about to kiss her – but in that moment, the sun set. Ariel turned back into a mermaid, and Ursula dragged her back into the sea, laughing evilly.

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Animated Ariel picture courtesy of Le Monde Merveilleux.